Plan Your Retirement for Health and Pleasure

Live your life, don't just pass it!

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Sunehri Sham

“Sunehri Shaam” is a club where we organize recreational activities for senior citizens to make them realize that becoming old is no end of good times. Rather this is a ‘sunehri shaam’ where they can live their life with honor.

About Sunehri Sham

As the name suggest the purpose of creating this club is to convert your retirement life into “Sunehri Sham” where all will enjoy end share their knowledge and experience with next generation.



Members engage in activities that refresh their mind, body, and soul while also making their leisure time more interesting and enjoyable.



Members will participate in social welfare activities of their choice and help the next generation to uplift the underprivileged, particularly those in need!



Members participate in routine physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and environmental activities of their choice.

Who can be a part of this club

We encourage people to plan their retirement so that they can live a healthy and enjoyable life. So live your life, not just pass through it. This club is for those who want to spend their golden years as a respected senior citizen. Your entire life has been spent in a rat race to fulfill your desires and family responsibilities. Now is the time to live your life with just you, your family, and your friends. This club is open to anyone over the age of 40.

sunehri sham club