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Dance & Cultural Programs

Nowadays, youth spends the majority of their time on mobile phones and other devices. Keeping this in mind, ASVCT has created this Dance & Cultural Program for them to join in and take a step towards a healthier and more fulfilling living.

Traditional & Cultural
Dance Competition

ASVCT.org in association with Boomdancers.com is organizing a “Traditional & Cultural Dance Competition” in Chandigarh Tricity Schools. The purpose of this event will be to promote and aware of regional & cultural dance among students. 

Why join these programs?

Dance competitions have the ability to bring forth your greatest qualities. Before you decide whether or not competition is right for you, consider the following points.

A Rewarding Unforgettable Experience
Good inspiration & motivation for you and others
A Proper Evaluation to know your skills & areas of improvement
Dance and discover a healthier & disease-free soul
Dance for a good cause & explore a new you

Cultural Dance

ASVCT supports all kind of artists who represents their respective regional culture through their art. In this modern era, our newer generation is forgetting about our rich culture and our traditions. This could be a way that our newer generation can get in touch with our traditions and culture. 

Importance of Cultural Activities

Culture is a way of life for us. Our values, beliefs, customs, languages, and traditions are all part of it… Our culture is a barometer of our well-being, vitality, and societal health. We gain a sense of belonging, personal and cognitive growth, and the ability to empathize and relate to one another as a result of our culture. All cultures share these characteristics: they are learned, shared, symbolic, integrated, and dynamic. It is critical to transfer cultural legacy. Communication, imitation, teaching, and learning are all methods for storing and transmitting the information.