Each One, Teach One!

‘If you want to shine like the sun

You have to burn like the sun.’

Simply worrying about the future is not going to make it Bright.

Each One, Teach One! If we want to have a glorious future we have to start working on our present. Does the first question arise what to work on? For this first foremost prerequisite is to have a clear and specified Goal. We should keep striving to achieve it with a small little objective. Also, we have to evaluate ourselves. Are we really into it or is it just half-hearted persuasion? If we lack passion, we are not going to accomplish it

Education and information are some of the best weapons… if we have to doubt somewhere we should not hesitate in seeking guidance and inspiration from successful people. if we have direct access to them well n good otherwise we may read about them.. we have perspired a lot today so that we can have better tomorrow. Robert frost says

‘Woods are lovely dark and deep but I have promises to keep…’ Remember. OUR FUTURE IS AS BRIGHT AS OUR FAITH

Written by Smriti Bhardwaj



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