Fundraising Motorcycle Expedition Every Sunday

ASVCT's Recreational
Sunday Road Riding

Ride for a cause. ASVCT in association with HealMe Health Portal organizing a fundraising motorcycle expedition “Recreational Road Riding“. Fundraising from this expedition will be utilized for skill development classes and online workshops. The purpose of skill development classes is to support budding entrepreneurs, businesses that suffered during the corona pandemic, and people who wish to start their own businesses.

In this expedition, ASVCT.org invites various organizations, clubs, and individuals to participate in this event and help us to raise funds for this cause. On successful completion of this adventure ride, riders will be duly honored and their profile as generous donors/supporters will be displayed on our web portal. The riders have to choose their own location, timings, and distance to participate in this event on any Sunday.

Instruction & Guidelines 

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Prizes & Facilities

All the participants of this event will be duly honored in our event. We really appreciate the participant who help us to raise the fund for the cause. 

Expedition Participants

Deepak Sharma

Web Developer


Giving is not about just making a donation,
It’s about making a difference.