Women Entrepreneur Startup Awards (WESA) 2023

Hello everyone, I welcome you to the video Dharminder Sharma, Founder Trustee ASVCT.

My dear friends, ASVCT is a non-profit organization whose mission is also to help all of us to become self-reliant and show them a new path.

Today India is full of youth energy, we just need to show them the right path and connect them with all those entrepreneurs who are trying to build a startup after facing all the difficulties.

ASVCT is making an effort to motivate youth and budding entrepreneurs. We are also looking forward to seeing women’s empowerment to new heights. That is why we are doing Women Entrepreneurs Startup Awards with vyaaparvikalp.com.

VyaaparVikalp.com is bringing in Business Options, Startup, and Business Development Services with the mission of providing Quality Startup Solutions at reasonable prices.

It is emerging as a better example of Social Entrepreneurship and is also helping in our skill development workshops.

My dear friends, we are inviting female entrepreneurs who have launched a startup and providing them with a platform to share their experiences. Nominations for this award are open to startups from all economic sectors.

We have assumed the following criteria for these awards:
1. Their startup Concept, Mission, and Vision
2. What value does their startup provide to everyone?
3. How they empowered their team to build a stronger support team.
4. How they are managing startup finance and stress
5. We recognize those startups that helped the Indian economy during the pandemic and created job opportunities.
6. Above all, they never give up.

My dear friends, we are also inviting angel investors to this event, who, along with judging, will also tell you all about the funding options. You all can connect with them during the event or post-event and find better opportunities.

We will also try to share your startup journey with as many people as possible it will not only help to inspire others but also create awareness about your startup.

So, my dear friends, please share this video with all the female entrepreneurs you may know! And you feel they deserve to be recognized.

The link for making nominations for the Startup Awards has been shared on the screen and for more details, you can visit the events section of VyaaparVikalp.com.


So what are you waiting for, file your nominations, get recognized, inspire others and promote your startup.

See you all at this award ceremony.


Registration Link: https://vyaaparvikalp.com/event/startup-awards/